Fully Integrated Current Detection IC
Magnetic Current / Linear Detection IC - Fully Integrated Current Detection IC

Magnetic Current/Linear Hall Chip - Integrated Current Sensing Chip


MagnTek® MT9522 product series are fully integrated design of Hall effect based isolated linear current sensor chips for AC or DC current detection in industrial, commercial and communication systems. Each MT9522 consists of a precision, low offset linear Hall circuit with built-in low insertion resistance current conductor paths. The applied current flowing through this low resistance current conductor path creates a magnetic field which the chip converts into a voltage signal output proportional to the input current. To effectively suppress external common-mode magnetic fields, differential current sensing techniques are used in the design, which improves accuracy in magnetically noisy environments. The precision of the chip is improved by optimizing the magnetic signal-to-noise ratio.

Features and advantages
  • -±0.3% typical linearity over full temperature range
  • - Fast output step response time: 2.2μs (typ.)
  • -250kHz signal bandwidth
  • -5.0V/3.3V DC power supply
  • - 2 output modes are optional: --- output proportional to power supply --- fixed output independent of power supply
  • -40℃~125℃ working temperature
  • -Internal conductor resistance: ---0.75mΩ
  • -Current detection range: (bidirectional or unidirectional) ---±20A, ±30A, ±40A, ±50A, ±65A, ±80A ---+30A, +50A
  • - Detect AC and DC current signals
  • -Extremely stable quiescent output voltage
  • - The chip has output alarm function and flexible external alarm threshold setting
  • - The chip comes with its own reference output
  • - near zero hysteresis
  • - Safety related certification: (UL Ready) --- Isolation voltage: 4.8kVrms 1min --- Working voltage: 1097Vrms, 1550VDC or VPK --- Clearance: 7.5mm --- Creepage distance: 8.2mm
  • -Package: ---SOP-16W
  • -RoHS Compliant: (EU)2015/863
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